Top 5 Reasons for Outpatient Joint Replacement and Why to Avoid a Hospital Stay

Dec 20, 2018

5. Hospitals are for sick people. Consequently, hospitals are full of germs, which can lead to infection. Most patients undergoing joint replacement are generally healthy and do not require a hospital stay for management of medical problems.

4. Hospitals are uncomfortable. Hospital beds are are difficult to sleep in and getting adequate rest after surgery is very difficult. Rooms are full of noisy monitors that beep and nurses wake you up frequency to for blood pressure checks. At home you can rest much better in the comfort of your own bed.

3. Hospitals discourage independence. You cannot get out of bed without the assistance of a nurse or therapist and you must ask the nurse for everything you need including water. At home, you can get up and do things according to your own schedule and needs.

2. Hospitals actually make pain management more difficult. Medications can only be dispensed by nurses and this process often takes 30-40 minutes after the patients asks. This delay can lead to increased pain. Patients at home can manage their pain in real time.

1. Hospitals are expensive. Overnight stays can cost several thousand dollars and every item from a bandaid to a Tylenol is significantly upcharged to subsidize the cost of care to others. Same-day joint replacement saves money for patients and the healthcare system at large.

At the Knee, Hip and Shoulder Center we have performed well over 1,000 outpatient joint replacements – more than any other center in Northern New England. 70+% of our patients are eligible to go home and our personalized AVATAR rapid recovery program has proven incredibly successful in allowing patients a smooth recovery in the comfort of their own home.