Advantages of the SuperPATH Hip Replacement

May 15, 2019

Modern techniques in joint replacement focus on tissue-sparing surgical approaches that disrupt less of the muscles, tendons and ligaments around a joint. The SuperPATH is a superior surgical approach, directly in line with the femur bone that allows the surgery to be performed without dislocating the joint. It is the only surgical technique that can be done with no joint dislocation and therefore causes less stress to the surrounding tissues.  In addition, it is maximally soft tissue preserving, requiring minimal dissection of the capsule and muscles around the joint at the time of surgery. It achieves this by using a thin cannula to allow instrument passage through key holes while the hip remains in place. This has several advantages which include: less blood loss, less postoperative pain and earlier return to function with no postoperative restrictions.

Patients who undergo the SuperPATH hip replacement can walk within hours of surgery and get off assistive devices early. Hip precautions are not necessary because of the maximal tissue preservation. Studies have shown that a majority of patients who have surgery with this approach can be discharge safely to home either same-day or with just one overnight in the hospital. Other studies have shown lower 30 day complication and readmission rates as a result of faster healing.

This is a novel surgical technique only offered by our practice. It avoids complications that can be seen with the anterior approach which include permanent sensory nerve damage in the front of the thigh, a higher risk of femur fracture and a higher risk of component loosening. Having performed all common approaches to hip replacement, I find this to be the most compelling in terms of reducing tissue trauma and providing a minimally invasive technique. When this technique is combined with our AVATAR rapid recovery, outcomes-based approach, patients can achieve remarkable early outcomes.