10 Reasons to Consider the SuperPATH Hip Replacement Over Other Techniques

Jul 6, 2019

10. It can be used in almost all cases except for those with previous hardware such as a hip fracture fixation or prior total hip.

9. Virtually any implant type can be used compared to the anterior approach which caters heavily with curved tapered stems.

8. The incision is not in a skin fold as can occur with the direct anterior approach.

7. There are no sensory or motor nerves in proximity to the surgical approach.

6. It avoids the perforating blood vessels that are more prevalent in the anterior and posterior capsule. This reduces blood loss.

5. The hip does not have to be dislocated during the case like other approaches. This limits tissue stress and disruption of blood flow to the lower leg.

4. The leg is kept in a comfortable resting position for 95% of the case again limiting unnatural and extreme positions required for other approaches.

3. It spares the joint capsule more than any other approach providing immediate joint stability

2. It spares the short external rotator muscles on the back of the hip to also provide immediate stability and early return of function.

1. Postoperative restrictions and precautions are not necessary because of the immediate stability provided by the tissue sparing nature of the approach.

To learn more about this approach, watch my comprehensive video: