A NH Orthopaedics Center for Expertise in Shoulder Replacement

Sep 9, 2019

dr parsons presents at 2019 icses

This year marks the 14th International Congress on Shoulder and Elbow Surgery hosted by Argentina and taking place in Buenos Aires. This is the largest gathering of expert shoulder and elbow surgeons in the work and takes place every 3 years. The meeting consists of podium and poster presentations addressing the latest advancements in shoulder surgery given by surgeons and researches who submit abstracts for consideration.

This year Dr. Parsons has been honored with 4 podium presentations at this meeting. He will be presenting research on preoperative planning and surgical navigation in shoulder replacement. Dr. Parsons serves as a design surgeon for the Exactech GPS navigation system and has spent 5 years helping to develop and implement this technology with an international research group. This is the only system currently available on the market that allows both preoperative planning of implant placement in addition to intraoperative replication of this plan using surgical navigation. This allows surgeons to recreate normal anatomy with substantially greater accuracy than using free-hand conventional techniques.

Parsons has extensively studied how surgeons vary in the approach to planning with the ultimate goal of defining the features of an optimal shoulder replacement that will lead to durable implant fixation, maximal range of motion and fewer implant-related complications. Ultimately, the goal of this research is to use artificial intelligence to help surgeons perform the best possible surgery using techniques that augments a surgeon’s visualization and understanding of anatomy.

Dr. Parsons currently uses this technology at Portsmouth Regional Hospital which is one of the country’s leading centers of surgical navigation in shoulder replacement. His recognitions at this year’s international meeting elevates the Seacoast region to a center for expertise in this most advanced technology.