Same-day Joint Replacement Surgery Associated with Fewer Complications

Nov 18, 2019

Our AVATAR joint replacement program is designed to offer customized care to each patient based on individual needs and nuances. Part of this care customization is intended to reduce complications by mitigating any factors that may pose a higher risk. Complications may not only affect outcomes but may also require readmission to the hospital for either medical or surgical management. Having performed over 1600 outpatient joint replacements in the past 4 years, our team has developed unparalleled expertise in managing the process of outpatient joint replacement in a manner that maximizes the advantages of recovering in the comfort of home. And our data speaks to the safety of this process. In fact, our own data demonstrates that going home the same day can actually be safer than hospital-based care.

A recent study looking at data from the Center for Medicare Services on total hip replacement patients showed that longer hospital stays after surgery were associated with a higher risk of subsequent hospital readmissions. While this study may suggest that sicker patients are more likely to require a longer hospital stay and thus have a higher potential for readmission, it also suggests that prolonged hospital stays can beget further complications in the form of hospital-acquired diseases such as infections, urinary retention, pneumonia, blood clots, bed sores and reduced mobility. In fact, for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, the best person to manage that condition is the patient themselves.

Here is a look a cohort of our AVATAR patients demonstrating a complication and readmission rate that is 1/10th national average. This cohort represents patients who went home the same day which accounts of 60-70% of our patients. These statistics have remained stable over time as the cases we have performed have increased both in number and complexity.

As CMS has now approved Medicare patients to undergo total knee replacements at an ambulatory surgery center, a gradual shift in care to the outpatient setting will increase and ultimately become the norm for a majority of cases. Hip replacements are expected to soon follow suit. Critical to managing this shift successfully is a care team and care program built on expertise and experience. Put our AVATAR program to work for your joints and experience better.