Setting Yourself Up for Successful Joint Replacement

Aug 2, 2020

Undergoing joint replacement is a bit like training for an athletic event. Good outcomes require motivation, commitment, effort, grit, resilience and goals. Approaching surgery and recovery with these qualities in mind can help to ensure that patients achieve the outcome that they desire. Charles Neer, MD, one of the pioneers of shoulder replacement surgery, once said, “Patients should know that the arthroplasty simply sets the stage for them to do the exercises required to achieve the pain relief motion and function desired.” This infers that the surgery is but a single piece of a larger group of assets or ingredients that go into a successful surgery. Some of these assets include the following.

  1. Education: Arm yourself with education, not just about the surgery, but about the entire process from beginning to end. Think about education in terms of all of the things you can do achieve the desired end result
  2. Activation: Get involved in the process and “own your outcome.” Actively participate in the management of your recovery and be part of the team with your care providers.
  3. Preparation: Get ready for surgery. This includes optimizing your general health, mental health, fitness and nutrition. When your body and mind of ready, your likelihood of a successful outcome is primed. Bring your best self to the surgery.
  4. Expectations: Set realistic expectations that you can achieve. Unrealistic expectations are a recipe for dissatisfaction. Understand that recovery is not automatic and takes time and effort.

Our AVATAR program specializes in engaging patients in their recovery and helping to steward patients to their desired outcome. Because we specialize in joint replacement of the knee, hip and shoulder, our team is highly experienced and dedicated to customize each patient’s experience relative to their individual expectations and goals. Put our team to work for your path to recovery.