5 Advantages of the SuperPATH Hip Replacement

Aug 18, 2020

The SuperPATH is a technique and surgical approach to hip replacement that allows the implant to be placed without ever fully dislocating the hip joint. It is both tissue sparing and minimally invasive and has a low complication rate. 

  1. By avoiding the trauma of hip joint dislocation for exposure, this approach limits damage to the soft tissues surrounding the joint and avoids placing the leg in nonphysiologic positions as are required for anterior and posterior approaches. 
  2. By maximally preserving the hip capsule in the front and back of the joint, this approach provides maximal immediate soft tissue stability, reducing the risk of postoperative dislocation.
  3. The approach is always from the major nerves including the sensory nerve to the front of this thigh which can get injured in up to 30% of anterior hip cases.
  4. The approach easily provides for excellent implant positioning which leads to long term performance with less wear and better stability
  5. Maximal soft tissue preservation reduces the risk of limb lengthening which can result from other approaches. The technique provides for precise restoration of anatomy.

Combined with our AVATAR rapid recovery joint replacement program, the SuperPATH hip replacement can get patients back to a high level of activity within a few weeks. Not every patient is a candidate for this approach depending on body habitus and other factors such as prior hip surgery and altered anatomy. If you have end-stage hip arthritis that is no longer responding to conservative treatment, come learn about the advantages of our program.