Dr. Moby Parsons To Moderate Instructional Course At American Shoulder And Elbow Surgeons National Meeting

Aug 26, 2020

Dr. Parsons to moderate instructional course in the role of computer-based preoperative planning at the upcoming American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons national meeting in October 2020.

Dr. Moby Parsons, fellowship-trained shoulder surgeon, has been invited to lead an instructional course with a distinguished faculty at this year’s American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons annual meeting. This meeting gathers together the leading shoulder surgeons from around the world to discuss new research and technology in shoulder surgery. Parsons will be moderating a session on the role of computer-based preoperative planning in total shoulder replacement. Based on CT scans of each individual patient’s arthritic shoulder, preoperative planning provides surgeons with detailed information about how shoulder arthritis has affected the anatomy and mechanics of the joint. Surgeons can then virtually plan the shoulder replacement on the computer choosing the best implant and how it should be placed to optimize function and durability. Parsons has been involved in the design and implementation of the Exactech GPS planning the navigations system, now in use around the world with over 10,000 cases performed. He has performed extensive research addressing how best to plan cases based on current consensus and understanding of failure modes in shoulder replacement. The selection of this course to be presenting at this year’s meeting validates the importance of this technology and research to the field of shoulder replacement and acknowledges the works that Parsons and others have contributed to this field with the aim of improving shoulder replacement results.

Dr. Parsons has extensive experience with shoulder replacement including primary shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, the Ream and Run procedure and revision surgery. He performed the first reverse shoulder replacement in the state of NH in 2004 and the first navigated shoulder replacement with the Exactech GPS technology in the state in 2017. He is an expert on outpatient shoulder replacement and opioid-sparing surgery.