Atlantic Coast Surgical Suites (ACSS), An Ambulatory Surgery Center In Seabrook, NH, Certified By JCAHO For Joint Replacement

Sep 29, 2020

Atlantic Coast Surgical Suites (ACSS), an ambulatory surgery center in Seabrook, NH,  has been awarded the Advanced Certification for Total Hip & Total Knee Replacement by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations (JCAHO). This award recognizes a commitment to quality and outcomes and is only granted to centers which achieve a high level of demonstrated excellence in joint replacement care. Metrics used to assess this accreditation include appropriate indications for surgery, safe medical and surgical practice, low complication rates, low infection rates and low hospital admission rates. 

ACSS was designed with joint replacement procedures in mind as there has been a growing shift in these surgeries to the outpatient setting. In 2020, Medicare approved total knee replacement to be performed in ambulatory surgery centers based on abundant clinical data proving it be safe for patients who me eligibility criteria based on general health. Currently, nearly 25% of all hip and knee replacement patients are undergoing day-surgery replacement and this percentage is expected to grow considerably in the coming years. The impetus for this shift in care is not only the cost effectiveness of surgery centers over hospital-based care but also patients’ desire to avoid exposure to sicker patients in the hospital setting

ACSS is an orthopaedic specialty surgery center so it has a singular focus on orthopaedic procedures and can therefore bring a higher level of expertise to the perioperative care process. Dr. Parsons performs hip, knee and shoulder replacements at the center, along with arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery. Our AVATAR rapid recovery program allows roughly 60% of our patients to recover in the comfort of their own home the same day as their joint replacement. We have extensive experience in successfully shepherding patients through this process and highly recommend the outpatient experience to anyone who needs a joint replacement.