Avatar Joint Replacement: A Solution To The Shut-down Of Elective Hospital Cases

Dec 16, 2020

With the spread of COVID reach record levels in recent day, many hospitals have again begun to cancel elective surgeries that require an inpatient stay. While joint replacement surgery has been seen an increasing transition to outpatient surgery, only a small percentage of patients are going home the same day and avoiding an overnight in the hospital. For hospitals and orthopaedic programs that have not successfully developed a successful and safe same-day joint replacement programs, this means that patients who are receiving care in these facilities will have their surgery delayed indefinitely as hospitals commit their resources to patients sick with COVID.

Our practice has developed a comprehensive and customized same-day joint replacement program for knee, hip and shoulder replacement procedures that allows up to 70% of our patients to go directly home within just a few hours of their surgery. We have successfully performed over 1700 outpatient joint replacements in the past few years. This experience has allowed us to perfect the process from patient education and preparation to advanced surgical, anesthetic and pain management techniques along with careful navigation of the postoperative process. AVATAR stands for Alignment of Vital Assets to Accelerate Recovery, and through this program we have achieved better results with fewer complications and faster recovery for our patients. 

The following video outlines what makes our process different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZfbH7oqcrY

We have routinely had patients travel from several hours away and still successfully go home the same day after joint replacement surgery. This is accomplished with our multimodal pain management program that includes the use of Exparel – a long-acting, time-release, local anesthetic that provides pain relief over the first 72 hours after surgery. This has fostered opioid-sparing surgery and enabled patients to start therapy sooner.

If your joint replacement surgery has been postponed due to the recent COVID surge, we can help. We have more experience with outpatient joint replacement than a vast majority of practices including those in major metropolitan areas and those associated with academic medical centers. We are a high volume, highly focused, concierge practice that focuses solely on a commitment to our patients’ outcomes. Come see the difference we can make.