Dr. Parsons’s Contributions To Shoulder Replacement Will Be Presented On The International Stage

Apr 15, 2021

The International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty  (ISTA) recently accepted research submissions for its upcoming virtual meeting entitled Emerging Technology in Arthroplasty. This meeting focuses on emerging technology developments in joint replacement that have made it from bench research to clinical practice. Parsons’ work with Exactech, Inc, a shoulder replacement implant and solution company, has helped foster the development of two novel technologies both designed to help surgeons provide better care to patients undergoing anatomic and reverse shoulder replacement. Each of these technologies will be featured at the 2021 ISTA meeting.

The first is called Versense which is a force sensor used in reverse shoulder replacement made by Orthosensor, Inc. This device can help surgeons determine the optimal soft tissue tension in reverse shoulder replacement to balance mobility and stability. This is the first device of its kind to help measure forces across the joint as a function of the implant configuration. The abstract from the preliminary use of the product is entitled, “Clinical Use of a Wireless Load-Sensing Humeral Trial in Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: Reported Load Differences Between 38mm and 42mm Liner Trials.”

The second is a clinical decision support tool called Predict+. This tool uses machine learning algorithms and a large multicenter clinical database to predict patient-specific outcomes after anatomic or reverse shoulder replacement. The tool can also look at patient-specific factors that influence clinical outcomes and potential risk factors that can be addressed to improve clinical results. Predict+ can also predict potential complication rates based on age and gender-adjusted controls. This tool can be used to better inform patients and surgeons about decision making around shoulder replacement. The abstract selected for presentation is entitled, “Initial Clinical Experience With Predict+, a New Clinical Decision Support Tool for Shoulder Arthroplasty.” 

Dr. Parsons is leading the way in implementing the most modern advancements in shoulder replacement at the Knee, Hip and Shoulder Center. He has recently served as faculty at the Exactech Master’s Course and regularly teaches at medical education events around shoulder replacement.