Dr. Parsons Performs First Shoulder Replacements In NH Using Innovative Catalyst OrthoScience Shoulder System

Jan 2, 2022

Catalyst OrthoScience (Naples, FL) is a fledgling shoulder implant company that has developed an innovative anatomic and reverse shoulder replacement system. The anatomic shoulder prosthesis is a bone-preserving implant that resurfaces the arthritic humeral head with a bone preserving solution that better replicates native anatomy with an elliptical rather than a spherical ball. Designed to better restore the center of rotation of the joint, as well as the native head offset and height, the Catalyst implant offers the potential for a more anatomic reconstruction that should translate into a better function for patients. This system can be used for conventional anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty as well as ream and run replacement. Dr. Parsons was the first shoulder surgeon in New Hampshire to perform a total shoulder replacement using this system. 

Catalyst also offers a reverse shoulder replacement system that combines innovative design ideas to improve deformity correction, optimize implant fixation, range of motion, and stability. The sizing offerings fit a wide array of patients including smaller females for whom some other implant systems may overstuff the joint. Dr. Parsons was also the first surgeon in New Hampshire to implant a Catalyst Reverse shoulder replacement.

The goal of our program is to choose the optimal implant for each patient’s anatomy and pathology. Each system has its own design features that may affect implant biomechanics. Experienced shoulder surgeons have a better understanding of how these design features may impact a patient’s pathological situation with the goal of restoring function. Catalyst offers very innovative solutions that can be used in a wide variety of situations. When combined with our AVATAR program, as well as Dr. Parsons’ extensive experience of over 1300 shoulder replacements, Catalyst can provide excellent outcomes for patients with shoulder arthritis and chronic rotator cuff disease.

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