Dr. Parsons Shares Insights on Shoulder Replacement, Surgical Navigation and Artificial Intelligence to the Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia

Apr 6, 2022

Dr. Parsons was invited as an international guest speaker to deliver 2 lectures and a symposium at the 2022 Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia’s Annual Meeting. This invitation stemmed from his expertise in developing and implementing the Exactech GPS shoulder surgical navigation platform which is the only system worldwide that allows surgeons to precisely execute their preoperative plan during surgery. This precision is becoming the gold standard in joint replacement providing more consistent results, few complications, better durability, and better outcomes. Dr. Parsons was on the original design team that saw this project from idea through to FDA clearance and worldwide adoption. Parsons uses this navigation system in the vast majority of his shoulder replacements and has published research on this technology. 

In addition, Dr. Parsons presented Predict+ which is a clinical decision support tool based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This tool uses a large database of past patient outcomes to predict what an individual patient can expect in terms of recovery of comfort and function after shoulder replacement. Using modern data science tools, Predict+ is about 85-90% accurate in this determination. Parsons was also on the design team to create and refine this technology which can help surgeons decide on best practices and help patients understand what to expect after surgery. 

Parsons delivered the keynote address at the Sydney Australia Aquarium where you can see a giant tortoise in the background. 

This is Dr. Parsons’ 3rd trip to Australia. The first was to present award-winning research on tendon transfer as a salvage operation for rotator cuff repair in 1999. The second was for a 6-month fellowship in shoulder surgery in 2003. The third was the current visiting faculty invitation. 

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