The Joint Replacement Journey – How and Why We Do It Better

Apr 11, 2022

Our practice focuses on hip, knee and shoulder replacement and this accounts for more than 80% of the cases we do. As such, perfecting the care process for joint replacement is both our mission and our passion. We believe that customized, patient-specific, concierge-level care is essential for each patient to have the opportunity for the best possible outcomes. While we cannot guarantee a perfect outcome, our value proposition is to do the best job possible to set the stage for patients to achieve their goals after surgery. ‘

Patient education and engagement are the foundation of this journey. This includes both preparations for surgery as well as careful management of the intraoperative and postoperative plan. Our AVATAR enhanced recovery program combines the best surgical techniques, best implants, best pain management, and best physical therapy. We try very hard to manage patients’ expectations about what to expect after surgery and each patient’s role in owning their outcome. This patient-centered team approach is critical to optimizing outcomes. 

Not every practice has the resources to devote to patient-centered care and many practices treat joint replacement like a mass production model of running every patient through a standardized protocol that does not fit each patient’s need. While some standardization is good for consistent outcomes, rigid standardization can cause some patients to fall through the cracks of care. Our concierge involvement in the care process is designed to let nothing fall through the cracks and we have a dedicated team of providers including physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are also dedicated to the AVATAR program. 

Why do we do this? We are passionate about getting patients back to the activities they wish to do. Restoring the quality of life for people who have been limited by pain is a hugely rewarding gift. We are not satisfied with satisfactory or good results. We strive for excellence both from our core team and those that care for our patients. For us, joint replacement is a journey, not a race, and providing a support team that guides people to the destination is the foundation of our mission. 

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