Orthopedic Medical Tourism Services

Patient-Specific Personalized Knee Replacement

Joint replacement surgery is a process that goes far and above the actual surgery itself to include patient education, pain management, rehabilitation, and postoperative care navigation. It takes an experienced team to manage this process to maximize each patient’s chance of an optimal outcome. Traveling for this type of expertise is often well worth the added value to receive superior care and a superior experience.

As insurance premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs continue to rise, employers and patients are increasingly looking for more affordable alternatives to hospital-based care. With modern techniques and advanced pain management strategies, joint replacement can now be safely performed in an outpatient surgery center for many patients. This allows for the process of joint replacement to be bundled into a fixed package price that can be a fraction of that of hospital-based care. With these savings, traveling for superior care is often far less expensive than many traditional local options.

For patients from Canada, these package prices can allow for expedited concierge care getting you on the road to recovery and back to doing what you love without pain.

Our Medical Tourism Experience

Our team has collectively performed roughly 2,500 outpatient joint replacements over the past several years. Leveraging this experience, we have designed a program called AVATAR (Alignment of Vital Assets To Accelerate Recovery). This enhanced recovery program recognizes that great outcomes rely on careful management of all assets of the care process and team. Details of our AVATAR program can be found in our patient education guides and throughout our website and blog.

At our center, our quality metrics are superior to national averages with an infection rate of <0.5%, a readmission rate of <1.0%, and a reoperation rate of <1%. These outcomes are based on proper patient selection, extensive patient education regarding the AVATAR process, and postoperative navigation of the patient through the care process. Great outcomes are a team effort and while we make every effort to ensure a complication-free surgery, we also believe that patient engagement and motivation to succeed are critical elements in achieving the end goals that individuals have in mind. We work with each patient individually to customize a care plan that meets these goals.

Medical Tourism Joint Replacement Process

One of our team members will reach out to you directly to learn more about your orthopedic problem, the treatments you have received thus far, your medical and health history, and your goals for surgery and recovery. We will arrange a Telehealth visit with the physician to discuss the treatment plan and expected recovery. We will also request any prior imaging studies, lab work, medical clearance, and any other testing that has been done in advance of the surgery. We will also connect you to our online patient education materials.

Our team of experts can help organize local lodging during recovery and we can provide in-room physical therapy during your stay. We provide concierge access to our care team throughout your entire recovery even after your return home.

Our facility is located just 55 minutes north of Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and 35 minutes east of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT). We are a 4.5-hour drive southeast of Montreal. Canadian patients will generally stay 3-5 days after surgery after which time it is safe to travel home.

Patients generally arrive 2 days prior to surgery and meet with the surgical team in our office 1-2 days prior for a preoperative visit. At this visit, our team extensively reviews the perioperative care plan including detailed instructions on pain management and postoperative care.

After surgery, patients will be met at our facility by an on-site physical therapist who will teach the patient important exercises, precautions, and proper techniques for cane and walker use. Patients are generally at the center for 2-4 hours following surgery and can then safely return to their local hotel. Our care team will visit you daily to assess your progress and our therapist will see you once or twice before you return home.

We believe that continuity of care is important, and this includes having a plan for physical therapy to continue upon return home. It is best to set this up in advance of the surgery. Our team can be in touch with your local therapist to help guide proper treatment and progression. We are always available to our national and international patients throughout the postoperative period. This is part of our commitment to a superior care experience.

What is in the Bundle?

Included in the Package Price

  • Surgeon fees including a preoperative telehealth visit, preoperative visit, surgery and postoperative visit
  • Facility fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Medical and surgical equipment including implants
  • On-site physical therapy at surgery center and hotel

Not Included in the Package Price

  • Travel expenses including lodging
  • Any additional imaging or laboratory testing necessary for surgical decision making
  • Additional specialty consultations that may be necessary for medical clearance
  • Postoperative medications
  • Ongoing therapy upon return home
  • Expenses resulting from complications subsequent to surgery and discharge from the facility

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